BubbleG : C++/Python OpenGL toy 3D-engine


  • Development of BubbleG has stopped. You can still use the last stable version (bubbleg-0.39.tar.bz2).
  • feb 18 2008 : BubbleG is now registered on Gna!.
  • aug 19 2007 : GLFW now takes care of window management and user input.
  • jul 19 2007 : GLFW will probably be used instead of glut or SDL for window management and threads.


BubbleG is a framework for developing interactive 3D graphics applications. It is designed to be simple and extensible. it is a library written in Python/C++ with OpenGL in order to provide reasonably high performance, while still being easy to use (As it turns out, it was a rather bad idea to use more than one language in the same program, even if the choice seemed justified at the time).

Features :

  • Window management in one simple line : “open_display()”.
  • 3D rendering : from simple triangles to vertex arrays.
  • Object oriented : self explanatory.
  • Free Software : released under the terms of the GPLv2 or any later version.

Get BubbleG

Get the latest version (bubbleg-0.39.tar.bz2) or browse the svn repository on Gna: gna.org/projects/bubbleg