EyeOS-EyeTerm : A terminal for EyeOS



  • January 14, 2009 : Development of eyeTerm has stopped. You can still use the last stable version provided at the bottom of this page.


Integration of AjaxTerm in the EyeOs desktop. EyeTerm is comparable to your usual terminal and gives you all the the expressive power of the command line from the comfort your EyeOs session.


There are some issues with the Eyeterm window that may cause a sidebar to appear. This bug will be fixed in a later version.

AjaxTerm (and therefore EyeTerm) requires a SSH server in order to function properly.

Any user using EyeTerm or AjaxTerm can log in as root given the correct password even If the server is not running as root. This is a very serious security risk. Make sure you know what you are doing ! It is also highly recommended that EyeTerm be used with an SSL encrypted connection.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details



  • Install Ajaxterm by following the instructions from the official website : Ajaxterm.
  • Download the EyeTerm eyepackage.
  • Upload the eyepackage to your eyeOS account and install it.
  • Install EyeTerm by clicking on the uploaded eyepackage.
  • Open the file apps/eyeTerm/app.eyecode in your eyeOS install directory and replace the url https://url-to-your-ajaxterm/ with the correct url for your ajaxterm.

Configuring Apache to set up a reverse proxy

This section explains how to use the Apache reverse proxy settings to make sure EyeTerm can only be used with SSL.

Assuming you have not changed the default configuration Ajaxterm will be avaible from the url and will only be accessible from the address (the computer it is running on).

If you already have an apache server running with SSL possibly, you will only need to add the following lines to your apache configuration file, provided of course that you replace foo with a suitable location for AjaxTerm on your web server.

Once you have modified this configuration file and restarted your Apache server, AjaxTerm will be available at the url : https://yourdomainname/foo/. This is the url that you will need to put in the app.eyecode mentioned earlier.


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