Jupyter notebook table of contents and extensions

In a previous post I showed how to include a table of contents in your Ipython notebook. This won’t work as of versions 4 of Ipython which is now a new project called Jupyter. However you can still have a table of contents in Jupyter by using nbextensions. Nbextensions acts…


A JavaScript table of contents for the IPython notebook

UPDATE nov 25 2015: This won’t work with Ipython version 4 a.k.a. Jupyter. see this new post. If like me you use the IPython notebook a lot, you might be interested in an automatically generated table of contents. Add the following code in a markdown cell :

and add…


New courses “Optimization” and “Machine Learning” coming soon

As much of my Thesis is dedicated to introducing optimization and machine learning, I have decided to add two new courses “Optimization” and “Machine Learning” in the “Teaching” section. These courses will have a strong theoretical part but many examples of applications. Optimization topics (subject to change): Recognizing an optimization…