Jupyter notebook table of contents and extensions

In a previous post I showed how to include a table of contents in your Ipython notebook. This won’t work as of versions 4 of Ipython which is now a new project called Jupyter.

However you can still have a table of contents in Jupyter by using nbextensions.

Nbextensions acts a bit like a repository of extensions and also provides a nice interface for selecting which extensions you would like to activate.

Assuming you have installed Jupyter in you home dir, e.g. by running something like:

pip install jupyter --user

You can install nbextensions with:

git clone https://github.com/ipython-contrib/Ipython-notebook-extensions.git
cd Ipython-notebook-extensions
python3 setup.py install

then you just need to go to http://localhost:8888/nbextensions (assuming a default configuration) and select “Table of contents” and “activate” to get a new “Table of contents” button at the top of your notebooks.

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